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Our Customers

All millers, compounders and maltsters will only buy assured grain. 

At any stage we are able to inform buyers of the source of grain going into the silos as well as the quality. Some buyers want to know what chemicals have been applied to the crop which is a relatively easy exercise.

Samples of every load are retained for evaluation later in the season if necessary. We have in the past been able to inform buyers of each load; the fertiliser and chemical applied; the quality of each load in the silo; and the average quality in the silo.

A quality control system allows us to retain and forward samples of each silo to any buyer.

Assurance Schemes


Coastal Grains is a member of TASCC - the stores assurance scheme. We also follow HACCP protocols and our organic store is a member of Organic Farmers and Growers assurance scheme. This ensures all grain coming in and going out of Coastal Grains is handled and stored correctly.

All our farmers are members of a quality assurance scheme such as Scottish Quality Cereals (SQC). These independently audited schemes help guarantee quality assurance and traceability, increasing the confidence our customers have in the grain we supply to them.



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Renewable Energy Directive

EU Directive 2009/28/EC "promotion of the use of energy from renewable resourses"

The directive is part of a package of energy and climate legislation which provides a legislative framework for community targets for greenhouse gas emission savings. It encourages energy efficiency and energy consumption from renewable sources.

On the 1st January 2011 Germany and Austria implemented the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), sustainability requirements for biofuels and bioliquids. 

This means that all suppliers of oilseeds or wheat used in the Germanbiofuel industry must now provide appropriate proof that their raw materials comply with the RED sustainability criteria.

The RED sustainability criteria for our members stipulate that:

  • No land deserving special protection was destroyed in the cultivation of the oilseed rape/wheat (e.g wetlands, forested areas).
  • Oilseed rape/wheat grown on protected areas with permission for cultivation activity comply with any/all restrictions.
  • There is full traceability of oilseed rape/wheat from seed to field to Coastal Grains.

All members of Coastal Grains who produce oilseed rape must therefore complete a self declaration annually, stating that oilseeds from their farms are grown in accordance with the sustainability requirements of the Directive.

Further information regarding RED can be found on the HGCA website.    

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