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Agri Cycle Recycling Scheme

The Solution for your Agricultural Waste


Agri Cycle work with farmers to provide an ideal waste management solution. 


Collection Days

At Coastal Grains we hold two collection periods per year. There are two days in January and two days in June when members of the scheme can bring their agricultural waste to us. We inform members well in advance when the days will be held and they book a timeslot to deliver their waste.


What do we collect?

Fertiliser and seed bags: rolled up and bundled into one empty fertiliser/seed bag. Each bag will hold 25-30 empty ones.

Pesticide cans: triple rinsed and put into a large 1400L bag provided by us, each bag holds 120 cans.

Foils and caps from pesticide cans: placed in a small bag provided by us.

Cardboard: flat pack and put into an empty fertiliser/seed bag.

Silage wrap: rolled up and put into a 1400L or 200L bag provided by us, each 200L bag will hold 10-14 clean wraps, each 1400L bag holds 125-175 clean wraps. Dirty wraps are acceptable but will reduce the quantity per bag.

Net and string: can be mixed into a 1400L or 200L bag provided by us.

Shotgun cartridges: placed in a fertiliser/seed bag or a bag provided by us.


Contract Options

There are two contract options when you become a member of the Agri Cycle scheme at Coastal Grains:

Arable Contract: members pay a set price per arable acre per year. The price includes all fertiliser totes, seed totes, cardboard and pesticide cans delivered to Coastal Grains. You will be charged for any additional 1400L and 200L bags used for silage wrap, nets and strings. 

Livestock Contract: members on this contract are charged an administration fee per year and are also charged for bags used for silage wrap, nets and strings.


Members are invoiced following the collection days. We charge for the empty bags for silage wrap, nets and strings taken away from Coastal Grains rather than the full ones delivered to us.


If you would like anymore information contact Coastal Grains 01668 213568.






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