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Grain Supply Chain

Coastal Grain's state-of-the-art laboratory built in 2010 means the testing facilities are as good as those anywhere in the country.


Grain Testing


Our laboratory was one of those used to establish the Dumas method of nitrogen/protein determination as the ISO standard and it continues to liaise with other laboratories in the industry to ensure we stay at the forefront of any technological advances which occur.


Tests done on members' crops include: moisture content, volumetric weight, gluten, hagberg, hardness of milling wheats and mycotoxin tests.

Samples of incoming loads are retained and members can check their results and ask for re-tests if required. 


Grain Drying


The three new driers installed between 2010 and 2012 allow up to 240 tonnes of grain to be dried per hour.

Members usually put in excess of 100,000 tonnes through the plant, ranging from 100-8000 tonnes per member.

Sending their crops to central drying and storage frees the farmer from the task of supervising barn machinery at the busiest time of year.

The new Svegma 6m driers are rated at 80 tonnes/hour and can remove 5% moisture at 100°C.


Grain Storage


The storage strategy at Coastal Grains allows the segregation of up to 60 types of conventional and organic grain at any one time.

With 60 silos ranging in size from 135 tonnes to 5000 tonnes in the Main Store and five 2200 tonne silos and 30 55 tonne bins in the Organic Store, segregation of grain into a number of specifications can be done to a buyer’s preference.

Since 1982 the storage capacity at Coastal Grains has increased allowing members to diversify and grow developing crops.

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