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Marketing and Payment

Fluctuating exchange rates, weather conditions and supply and demand all have an effect on the price a farmer will receive for his crop. The co-operative's marketing agent helps maximise returns in the fluctuating market-place.


Payment when it's needed most


Prior to harvest members let us know when they would like payment for their grain. This enables the marketing agent to produce a month by month marketing plan, which helps ensure our members achieve the best price available at the time of the sale.


Another advantage to the farmer is the removal of any necessity to sell his crops immediately after harvest.

During harvest, members can take an advance payment within seven days of their grain being delivered to Coastal Grains.


Payment for grain can either be taken in full or as a percentage in any of three pools: short pool payment 31 December, medium pool payment 31 March and long pool payment 30 June. The payments are made in full less any advance payments and interest.

Members can opt out of the pool system if required but all grain must be sold through Coastal Grains Marketing.


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